2. Great product
"This is a wonderful invention! So far no clogged drains! Just turn the valve every so often and you sink should never clog! Love the design and the tight fit with the other plumbing- no leaks either!" readmore>>
Installation & Operation

  1. Measure and cut the waste arm (1) to length as needed.

  2. Slide the slip joint nut (2) on the waste arm (1)

  3. Place the existing nut (5) and gasket (4) on the waste arm and insert the waste arm into wall connector (3), tighten the existing nut (5) to the connector.

  4. Place the slip joint nut (7) and gasket (8) on the 1½” tail piece (6)

  5. Use reducer gasket (10) if tail piece is 1¼”

  6. Insert the tail piece (6) and waste arm (1) into the J-bend (9) and tighten nuts.

  7. Check for leaks.

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