Actual User Testimonials:
  1. Long Needed
    • "I couldn't believe what I saw when I received the notice on this product. I installed the two I bought and enjoy the freedom from cleaning and fishing. Bathroom sinks are famous for clogging because of the oils entering the sink. Also I have on several occasions have had to fish out a ring or other objects from the sink. Now cleaning and fishing are a snap. I hardly ever give out 5 starts but this product earns it. I have recommended this to many friends."
  1. Great product
    • "This is a wonderful invention! So far no clogged drains! Just turn the valve every so often and you sink should never clog! Love the design and the tight fit with the other plumbing- no leaks either!"
  1. Great idea, Easy five minute install, Never clog!!!
    • Got this as a gift as requested. It took all of five minutes to install it, that includes getting a bucket to remove the existing p-trap, unscrew everything (no tools even needed), take out old p-trap, put this one in, screwed everything back on. Turned on the it flow water fill in air to create sewer seal (as is intent of p-trap)...but, can see what is sitting in there if. If it ever gets clogged...turn the wheel...done!
    • for those that would rather replace a trap ($2-$4) everytime it gets clogged...or buy expensive chemicals or buy tools to snake in there...then, that's your choice. for me $20 to get this, install it, and always see what's trapped and easy to remove question, easy piezy lemon squeezy!!!
    • Uploading photo so that you see what it looks like installed. again, everything fit perfectly and easily for me.
  1. Drained
    • I am a single woman with a single daughter who should have been moved out years ago! For years My bathroom sink would clog leading to use some very strong chemicals or calling on my boy friend to remove the drain and remove the debris. usually lots of hair. I ordered this and presented this task to my boyfriend who was skeptical at first but the knob impressed him. The installation was easy, so easy I know I could have done it myself. But I digressed and let him be the hero. (I want a man to feel like a man.) He did use plumbers tape to provide a seal. This Drain works flawlessly and the knob to help speed hairy sludge along? It Works! Yeah Plumbers are scared of this product. You won't need strong chemicals or big manpower for your bathroom sink. Clearly the industry has been set on its ear and will post negative reviews without even using the product! Amazing being a woman living alone and growing older by the second this will save many bills down the line. I am looking for many maintenance free products as I grow older and my base finances grow smaller. It is clear, you can see the obstruction or lost item. It's easy to remove or turn the knob!
  1. It's awesome! Buy with your eyes shut!
    • Guess what! It's such a big peace of mind to know that your drain pipe is transparent. Even when I don't own a diamond ring that could get lodged there!
      Even my very experienced grey-haired ARS guy the other day was awestruck when he saw that. "Where did you get that? It's amazing!" he remarked. It felt good that I was ahead of his other customers and creating a new market trend.
      Ever since I have installed this, drain clog has been a thing of the past.
  1. Great for bathrooms
    • Like most men, I have facial hair that requires the occasional trimming/shaving/ shaping/modifying. I usually perform said maintenance over my bathroom sink. Unfortunately, everywhere I've ever lived and shaved at, the sink starts to clog. Doesn't matter if I diligently remove move of the hair and throw it in the trash, some works its way into the drain and eventually slows the draining process, which means that I periodically need to run some Liquid Plumber down the drain.
      This has always bothered me (and I'm sure the chemicals I'm dumping down the drain aren't exactly helping the water supply), so I thought I'd look for a solution. Behold the PermaFLOW Never-Clog Drain.
    • I bought this during the holiday sale (did next to no research on it other than reading a few reviews) because it was about the price of the big Liquid Plumber and I figured it was worth a shot. It works.
    • Installation is simple. I needed a set of Channel lock Pliers to loosen the previous plastic piping; said piping (already starting to get clogged up again) was then dropped in my bucket while I installed the new P Trap. There are 2 sets of washers and nuts for each side, which I presume are sized for the most common pipes; the larger one fit mine nice and tight. I screwed it on hand tight then gave it an extra quarter turn. Flipped on the water, no leaks!
      Then I read the instructions and learned the correct position for the internal piece, adjusted the wheel and the drain seemed to clear faster. Thus far (less than a month after installation), I have yet to notice any build up inside the pipe, however I know that if I did, I could just turn on the water and rotate the wheel to clear it.
  1. Excellent product
    • I purchased 6 PermaFlow products to put into a new home. They work wonderfully. It is so helpful to have a visual of what is or is not in the drain! I recommend them to all my friends. Simple but effective!
  1. PermaFLOW Review
    • I read all of the reviews of this product, pro and con, including the responses by the manufacturer. I decided to order two of them to try. They were easy to install and haven't leaked a drop. I am going to order two more. To those who gave the product bad reviews, either you haven't tried them or you did something wrong. I think one of the problems some people have may be caused by over tightening. Hand tighten only worked fine for my. Just my opinion.
  1. Easy install. Water tight after 12 months. Saved me twice already
    • Along with another gadget called Ez Zip Drain Cleaning Tool Sierra Tools EZ Zip Drain Cleaner, the PermaFlow system works perfectly to keep my bathroom sink draining smoothly year round.

      Before, the draining in my bathroom sink will slow to a crawl 2-3 times a year. The see-through PermaFlow let me diagnose where the problem is. If the clog is at the U shape, a simple turn on the knob once or twice will usually clear the clog.

      Sometimes, the clog occurs higher in the pipe where the lifting mechanism is for the drain stopper. In those cases, I would use the Ez Zip Drain Cleaning Tool Sierra Tools EZ Zip Drain Cleaner to clean the clog from the drain opening above. While I fish for the clog using the zip tool from above, I would look down and watch if I am able to push the hairball (or whatever) down to the U pipe area. Once I see the clog has been pushed below to where the U shape is, then all I have to do is turn the knob on the PermaFlow to swipe the clog down the pipe.

      The above methods work like a charm and have saved me from calling the plumber at least twice already during the last 12 months.

      - Super easy to install, even for a non-handy person like me.
      - Water tight. It comes with different kinds of seals and tighteners. I read the instructions and used the right ones for my pipes. It installed easily and has remained water tight after 12 months.
      - The see-through is really helpful in diagnosing the problem. (see explanation above)

      - After reading some reviews here about leaks, I was concerned. But I found that mine has been water tight and I had no problem installing it. I wonder if people who had problem picked the wrong kind of seals or tightening knobs. The kit provided two different types and the instructions show you which type you need to use.
      - For safety, I put a paper cardboard underneath the U pipe, and I check for water marks on the cardboard once in a while. So far so good.
  1. PermaFLOW
    • Solved my drain clog problem. I was able to see where the drain occurred, and what it was.

      After installing the strap, I watched to see how the water flowed. It didn't. Found out the plunger rod had broken, and was the source of the clog. Wouldn't have found it otherwise.

      The only suggestion I have is to add a hinge on the bottom to allow debris to come out without detaching he ptrap (in my case, a part of the plunger rod).
  1. Family Saver
    • My 84 year old mother was regularly clogging her kitchen drain putting things down it that did not belong. Oftentimes resulting clogs were not entirely her fault due to sometimes slow drainage in her 25 year old condo. I saw the Permaflow on a home improvement show and ordered it. Installation was about a 5 minute job. The better flow capability of this drain has resulted in far fewer clogs. The few clogs that have occurred have been cleared with a turn of the knob. This is an excellent product that gets far too little recognition. While it has not solved all the problems in this home it sure fixed the kitchen sink.
  1. Bath Sink Drain
    • The product was delivered very fast. It fit in place of the old one perfectly. Hopefully I'll never have to see if it works but it looks like a very unique design and should work as designed.
      We'll see. I'm very pleased.
  1. Looks Cool and Works Great!!!,
    • I purchased one of the PermaFlow units a few months ago after seeing it on TV. It looks cool and works great! I installed it myself in about 15 minutes, and already used it once to remove a clog of tuna fish that got past my garbage disposal. One turn of the knob and I could see the clog go bye-bye. High Quality hardware, even my "Master Plumber" Brother in-law Bobby liked it.
  1. Easy to install, works as described
    • I had a slow moving bathroom sink drain that was always clogging up with remnants of toothpaste, shaving cream, hand soap and anything else that went down there. The only time I could get the water to drain freely was after buying expensive drain cleaners ever few months.

      After seeing this and installing it, which took less than 20 mins and most of that time was spent scrubbing out the rest of the plumbing with my wife's toothbrush (ok just kidding on the wife part), the water drain flow was back.

      A simple rotation of the handle will scrub the walls of the trap and get all the gunk out, and the clear plastic lets you see if anything is building up.

      I see some reviewers has a problem installing it but I just made sure to use plumbers tape on all the threads and gave it a good tightening. No problems with anything leaking.

      We will see how well this holds up in a year from now, and I suspect I may need to buy drain cleaner just because gunk likes to build up in other areas of the piping, but this will help eliminate the frequency.
  1. Very nice product
    • I went to get replacement P trap parts and saw this on the shelf and thought I would give it a try. I was very impressed with the quality and the thought put into this. The turning paddle is excellent for helping to push the crud out that builds up down there. The paddle also helps to 'lift' a dropped item up to where you can easily retrieve it with a coat hanger or one of those claw things. Very nice item!
  1. An excellent p-trap
    • This has turned out to be an excellent drain P-trap. I liked it so much that I purchased two of them; one for a slow drain in a bathroom sink, and one for my daughter with the same issue. Some reviewers seemed concerned because it is plastic. Most new homes use plastic piping for just about everything. This drain is solid, thick polymer, much more substantial than a pipe from your local home improvement store. It installed easily, with all fittings being snugged by hand, and no leaks, (didn't even need plumbers tape). It is essentially the same size as a replacement P-trap, maybe slightly taller to accommodate the paddle-wheel. I am impressed with the value of this product and will definitely buy more of them if any other P-traps need replaced.




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