2. Great product
"This is a wonderful invention! So far no clogged drains! Just turn the valve every so often and you sink should never clog! Love the design and the tight fit with the other plumbing- no leaks either!" readmore>>
How It Works

PermaFLOW™ Self-Cleaning Drain is engineered to eliminate the need for secondary maintenance products and procedures such as plunging, dangerous drain cleaners, messy drain disassembly, and associated health, safety and environmental concerns.

PermaFLOW™ unique shape increases turbulence to minimize routine buildup preventing the drain from becoming blocked. For heavy use, the PermaFLOW™ Drain has a patented, easy-turn wiper that acts as an in-line drain cleaner and clears clogs. The wiper also serves as retrieval mechanism for articles dropped through the sink.

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