2. Great product
"This is a wonderful invention! So far no clogged drains! Just turn the valve every so often and you sink should never clog! Love the design and the tight fit with the other plumbing- no leaks either!" readmore>>
Features & Benefits



  • MagnaPOP™ Magnetic Technology - eliminates the need for the standard pop-up connecting rod, which impedes the path of water flowing into the drain leading to potential blockages.

  • Green by Design – this plumbing fixture provides a common sense tool to reduce the time, effort and money needed for property maintenance.


  • Easily installed into most Pop-Up Drains
  • No disassembling required, provides full access to the P-Trap or PermaFLOW™ No Clog Drain
  • Reduces build-up which improves air quality
  • Eliminates the use of hazardous chemicals
  • Quick Release to Retrieve lost Jewelry
  • Effective stopper action when filling the sink with water
  • Universal Design – Fits most Pop-Ups

 PF Waterworks, L.P. BBB Business Review
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