Actual User Testimonials:
  1. PlungeMax works
    • I first used the PlungeMax after my husband managed to clog up the toilet (and then left for work). Having never liked using a plunger I was hoping for a clean, easy to use product - and the PlungeMax is it! I'll admit I was not sure it would really perform as stated on the package but with two "pushes" the toilet was unclogged. No mess, no plunger dripping disgusting water on the floor. I have used it many times since then and every time it does the trick. I found it very easy to use, and of course easy to store behind the toilet. I would highly recommend this product.
    •  I have used the PlungeMAX several times with excellent results. It really is no fuss, no muss! It worked well with 1 or 2 plunges. I folded it back up and stored it out of the way behind the toilet. Fortunately, this isn't something I have to do very often, but now it is much easier and I don't have a mess to clean up. I would definitely recommend this product.
    • I have a Kohler Wellworth elongated bowl (a rare Kohler that tends to clog easily). Regular plungers do not seal the opening because of its odd shape. I ordered this product out of desperation, and the first time I used it I almost flooded the bathroom because I was pumping it the way you do with a regular plunger (this was after the toilet snake failed to do the job). DON'T PUMP THE PLUNGEMAX REPEATEDLY! If it doesn't clear the clog right away, it pulls water in from the tank with each pump and causes the water level in the bowl to rise. The second time I used the PlungeMAX, I pumped it once quickly, slowly lifted the seat from it, then pumped it quickly again. This time the clog was cleared. Next time it took 9 pumps to clear it, but it beats the heck out of calling the plumber. And no dirty water touches it. A good product if you know the trick!
  1. Thank you PlungeMax
    • From one frequent clogger to another, this product is a MUST have. My wife gave this to me for Christmas as a gag gift. Little did she know it's now the gift that keeps on giving! It really works as described and better than I expected. 2nd best invention of 2010 beat out only by the Ipad :-). It's really nice for the germophobe which I am. No more dripping & splashing toilet water. Much easier to store. Thank you PlungeMax for improving my life!!!
  1. The Best Plunger Ever!
    • I currently have 3 regular plungers with handles in my home. I hate having to use these. Only one of them works with minimal splash. The problem with these are they don't seal the bowl well on an elongated bowl. I hope to never use these again after using the plungemax. I have used the plungemax a couple of times and it has worked perfectly each time. Nothing touches the water. There is no splash and no wet dripping plunger to remove from the bowl and clean. I hope to never go back to the stick plunger again. If you have the problem like I do with family members clogging the toilet, I highly recommend getting a plungemax.
  1. Just Amazing
    • I have an unfortunate combination of nearly 30 year old toilets and young kids that don't always get all the roughage that they should This thing has cleared the clog with only one try each time that I've used it so far, saving me hours of plunging, augering and so on.
      If you're looking at this item, you should probably just buy it. really.
  1. The PlungeMax looks crazy but works like a charm. No need to stash that nasty, wet "plumber's friend"! PlungeMax works fast and easy, stays dry and folds quickly (once you figure out the twisting motion required).
    • Just wanted to say that I believe this is an excellent product!! Be sure you read the instructions for proper use as there are some key details in them for using it properly. We have a 'chronic' toilet in our house that seems to always be stopping up and giving us problems. The Plungemax has taken up permanent residence in that bathroom, I'll soon be buying more for all the other toilets in the house. I have already thrown out all my old plungers!
    • I saw this product at a friend’s house and asked what it was. Once he told me, I asked him to show me how it works. At first sight it doesn't look like much but WOW...I was amazed in the POWER this thing had. So I went to Home Depot and bought one. I figured out that you don't use this like a regular plunger. A plunger you would stick it down it the "messy toilet" and push it back and forth. Not with this guy. Open No Mess all the way so that the bellows is all the way expanded and place this bad boy on the toilet rim (with the holes facing down towards the water) then lift the top of the bellows up to the toilet seat. Hold the side edges of the toilet seat AND the No Mess Plunger together and push down. Power baby. Yeah! This thing will flush whatever is in there down.
      Anyway, great product, great price. No stinky mess, no canister alongside the toilet, nothing under the sink, nothing gets wet and when your through. Thanks Home Depot for finding this product.
    • Heard about this thing on the Daily Giz Wiz podcast, and ordered one for a girlfriend (how romantic!). It worked so well and easily, I ordered one for myself. But, I found out my toilet would not work with it without having to block off some air vents under the lid. There are instructions provided on how to do this, but it just wasn't worth the hassle. But, if your toilet does not require that, and you can just use it as intended, you will never look at a plunger again. It's truly a revolutionary change in unclogging a toilet.


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